random thoughts

random questions stolen from a friend of a friend’s blog (answers are all mine ;-p)

1. My home is . . .  messy.

2. I am listening to . . .  my roommate clean out the hallway closet. You think I’d offer to help!

3. Maybe I should . . .  offer to help. but I’d rather be online.

4. I love it when . . . I can sleep in on Saturdays!

5. My best friend . . .  is moving to Edmonton in two months, which totally sucks.

6. I don’t understand . . . many things in life.

7 . I lost . . . my mind a long time ago . . .

8. People say . . . that I am a bit strange. sometimes they say “different” or “unique”, but I know they mean “strange”.

9. The meaning of my blog name is . . .  that I can’t think of a title. wanna help?

10. Love is . . . a battlefield?

11. Right now, somewhere, someone is . . . blogging something more interesting than mine (although I hope not!)

12. I will always . . . be a Jesus follower, by God’s grace

13. Once upon a time . . . I lived in NYC

14. I never want to . . . be late, but I often am.

15. My personal motto is . . . Atkins, Schmatkins!

16. When I wake up in the morning . . . I look at the clock and wonder how I slept through two alarms for an hour and a half

17. I get annoyed when . . . people are ignorant.

18. People always . . . forget to use their turn signals, and it annoys me.

19. I sing . . . in the shower. in the car. very badly.

20. Hugs are the best when . . . they are genuine and not just a way for a person to act like they are trying to connect with you while they are really trying to make up for all that they haven’t done and won’t plan to do for you with a quick hug and a non-explanation.

21. Today I . . . went to work. am not going to prayer.

22. Tomorrow I will . . .  go to work . . . maybe see Jacylyn . . . have lunch at Seoul Garden with Beck.

23. Ireally want . . . to be the kind of person who has a blog that people LOVE to read.

One thought on “random thoughts

  1. If you want people to read this, maybe you better title your stuff a little better. C’mon, “Pee Dreams”? Although I have some interesting ones myself that I will not share here. It involves bathrooms that are not clean so they are more like nightmares for me!

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