Thank you, Maya Angelou . . .

Lord, in My Heart


Holy Haloes

Ring me round

Spirit waves on

Spirit sound

Meshach and


Golden chariot

Swinging low

I recite them

in my sleep

Jordan’s cold

and briny deep

Bible lessons

Sunday school

Bow before the

Golden Rule

Now I wonder

If I tried

Could I turn my

cheek aside

Marvelling with


Let the blow fall

saying naught

Of my true Christ-

like control

And the nature

of my soul

Would I strike with

rage divine

Till the culprit

fell supine

Hit out broad all

fury red

Till my foes are

fallen dead

Teachers of my

early youth

Taught forgiveness

stressed the truth

Here then is my

Christian lack:

If I’m struck then

I’ll strike back.

Maya Angelou