About moi

Hi there! My name is Lorraine and I love New York City like a fat kid loves cake. Also, I love cake.

And ice cream.


I just moved back to my beautiful city after 15+ years living in the Midwest (Grand Rapids, MI, to be exact).

My friends in Michigan and elsewhere say that they enjoy my adventures, so I wanted to have a place to share them and hopefully bring some laughter to their lives, and to the lives of anybody else who stumbles upon my little blog.

I also started this blog as a separate entity than (from?!) my first blog*, which tends to be angsty and philosophical in a Jesus-y sort of way.

Thanks for stopping by! Your thoughts/suggestions/requests are always welcome.

*actually, that technically was not my first blog. I had Xanga first, and not to be weird, but there are some things I really miss about that platform. I also have a few other “orphan” blogs out there, such as my blog about crazy signs that I see, and a topical blog I created separately when a friend told me that I should delete my mean post about the Duggars for Jesus reasons. (PS this was before we knew that Josh was a child molester.)