The Post Office

One of the things I love most about New York is that there is always something entertaining happening. Today was no exception. I passed a post office, and because I want to start sending postcards to the kidsin my life, I went in to buy some postcard stamps.

First, there was the lady behind me, who sighed
about 5000 times in thefive minutes we were waiting in line. 

But it gets better. 

There was a lady waiting there who was actually trying to register a complaint. The idea of it was so preposterous to me that I almost busted out laughing.

You want to complain. You want to complain about the mail. 

Let me clarify that this was not a complaint about a specific package that was missing. Rather, she had a list of grievances and wanted to file an “official” complaint. 

Who. Does. That?
Maybe I’m easily entertained. I wish I was more skillful at subtly recording things, like my friend Chris. Unfortunately, subtlety is not a strong point of mine, so hopefully you can picture her in your mind.

Just for fun, does anybody want to share what you imagine she might have looked like? Leave a comment below, and I’ll let you know how close you were!

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