At my friendly local supermarket

So there is definitely nothing that compares to Meijer here, although I have been somewhat relieved to see that the grocery prices are not as outrageous as I thought they would be.

(annoying “click here for more” is a test to see if I can limit the preview that appears on Facebook. If you hate it, please let me know in the comments!)

Today I placed my first Peapod order, which means that tomorrow afternoon between 3pm and 5pm will likely be the highlight of my week.

(It also means that I will almost certainly post a desperate “HOW MUCH DO YOU TIP THE PEAPOD DELIVERY GUY?” status on Facebook at 2:58pm, but I digress…)

Shopping for groceries is tricky. Because I don’t have one of these

"What about this one Mavis, just right for ramming people with."

yet, I need to plan my shopping based upon what I am able to carry. Since Peapod makes somebody ELSE carry it all, right to my door, I ordered heavy things, such as a years’ supply of seltzer.

Despite the promise of future food joy, I did stop by my local gross supermarket in my endless quest for cheesecake. (I am certain that they once had a frozen Sara Lee cheesecake at this store, because I wanted to buy it but was put off by the price…or maybe it was a mirage?) Of course, no cheesecake, but as I walked down the cereal aisle, I was reminded that sometimes the freshness of the groceries in these places (one step up – sort of – from a bodega, which is a whole ‘nother blog post) can be questionable.

There was a cereal box* with Simone Biles on the cover. Listing her as an Olympic “hopeful”.

Yeah…I’m gonna go ahead and say that this might not be the freshest box of cereal that you’ve ever purchased…

Stay tuned for our next adventure…maybe I’ll live-blog the Peapod delivery, or better yet, tell you the story about the ghost in 3J…

*to be fair, apparently these cereal boxes only were released in June. Also, preservatives, so they probably have a shelf life of 8000 years. But still…

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