My virgin ears…

I guess it’s safe to say that I am still working through a bit of reverse culture shock being back in NY…which makes sense, since I just spent over 15 years living in what is commonly referred to as the “Northern Bible Belt”.

I love a well-placed curse word as much as anyone else. With that said, if I had a dollar for every time I heard the f word used in the past twelve hours, I would not only be able to make my own rent, but probably could pay yours as well. (Assuming you live anywhere other than NYC, of course…let’s not get crazy here…)

The F bomb* is a delicate flower, and should be carefully cultivated to be used at the perfect moment. It hurts my heart to see people use it so casually, cheapening its beauty.

See, New York? This is why we can’t f*&king have nice things.

*Yes, the place I’m working right now actually sells an “F bomb” paperweight. How amazing is that? Since I suck at monetizing my blog, I will get absolutely zilch if you click on the link and purchase it. Maybe someday I’ll get myself together enough that I will do grown-up blog things like that. Maybe.



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