The Lady in 3J – Christmas Edition

So I was away all last week dog-sitting (so. much. blog. fodder. I need to get on that.), and got home at around 7am on Christmas day. I was trying to be cautious because I had a suitcase to unpack, a laundry basket to fill, Darth Vader mask to set up, etc.

(I was actually quite surprised that the thumping didn’t start as soon as the suitcase rolled across the floor…)

So I get myself set up, take a shower and am ready to crawl into bed. I might have dropped something, or maybe my purse fell…nothing major, compared to the ruckus I had already made. 

And then I heard it. Just three or four thumps at first, then a lovely serenade of eight taps in rapid succession. I smiled and thought, “Aww, I think she missed me!”

Merry Christmas to you too, crazy broomstick lady…Merry Christmas. 

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