Pandemic cooking

Like many people, I am working from home right now (for the most part, anyway; I have to go into the office every third week). So I am trying to step up my game in terms of cooking at home. (Spoiler alert: I kind of hate it. I feel for those of you who have to feed tiny humans as well as feeding yourself!)

The whole process of getting groceries has been strange and complicated and weird. In one of my first supermarket trips, back at the end of March, I wanted to buy some Bisquick for my “Grandma Chicken”. I have been using rice flour, but my fear of scarcity had me feeling like I wanted to stockpile. I reached for the Bisquick, but it was expensive. Reached for the Jiffy brand and hesitated…it says “pancake and waffle mix”-was that right? You can make pancakes with Bisquick too, so it must be right?!

I thought that it probably was *not* right, but I had touched the box already…and there was someone there stocking the shelves. So despite my doubts, into the cart it went.

Fast-forward a month and a half, and it’s time to bust out the not-Bisquick to make some Grandma Chicken.

I can now say with great certainty that this was NOT regular biscuit mix. The chicken came out so weirdly sweet. I mean, I still ate it, of course…

You’ve heard of chicken and waffles? I’m pretty sure I just invented chicken and pancakes. And I’m definitely not a fan.

For a split second, I considered starting a cooking blog, but then I remembered how bad I am at keeping up with the two blogs I already have. So I’m just hear to help you laugh at and learn from my lack of reading comprehension. You’re welcome.

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