Lorraine logic

(this is a post from May of 2017. Maybe I thought I would edit it further. But I’m trying to be more bloggy, so here you go.)

So last week, I bought a new umbrella. Because do you ever have that one umbrella that is still somewhat useful but not quite what it used to be? I laid one to rest about a month ago (adorable, orange floral, but not very sturdy). The surviving umbrella still works, but does not stay closed unless I manually fasten the Velcro wraps-around-the-umbrella-when-it-closes thingie.

Today, it poured. Like, “the B train is not running because there’s water on the tracks at some random station nowhere near you” rain. Like “Oops, now my boss knows my phone is on because the flash flood warning just set off my phone’s notifications” rain. Up until an hour before I went home, it was pouring.

Guess where both umbrellas were? Spoiler alert: not with me!

Calculations were made. Should I buy another umbrella? The subway station is steps from the entrance to my building, so that’s not a problem…but once I got home, I would have a ten-minute walk ahead of me.

Got out of work and yay, it wasn’t raining!

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